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Who am I
First of all, describe me in one sentence, a college student who aspires to the universe and freedom. And according to the MBTI test, I am an INTP scholar type, just like Einstein. an INTP type is a rational problem solver. And I think a few words describe it right, calm, content, resilient, and adaptable.
Why am I here
It is often said that self-exposure inspires spiritual encounters, that appropriate self-exposure is central to relationship development, and that the higher the level of self-exposure, the higher the level of intimacy between relationships.
On this site, I hope to express my innermost, deepest hopes and fears; I will also share my preferences for music, food, books, etc.
Where am I going
As a new adult with a childlike curiosity about the world. I am here to share all my footprints and milestones. Thank you to my parents, family, teachers and classmates. One of the purposes of this website is to let you know more about me, not only my academics (including essays, presentations, and assignments), but also my colorful college life.
Get to know about me
Ruilin Tian
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